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Monitor new developments in Illinois and concerning stormwater management, both from a policy as well as a technical standpoint, in order to allow IAFSM to consistently evaluate contributions that it can make towards effective (and sustainable) stormwater management.

Promote understanding and inclusion of comprehensive stormwater management practices and programs in municipal, county and state government activities.


Shauna Urlacher, PE, CFM
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The IAFSM Stormwater Management Committee has assembled a resource table that catalog the various tools available for stormwater management projects.  These tools range in complexity and uses, which are applicable for projects from the planning to design stages.  The tools have been separated into the following categories:

  • Websites/Planning Tools
  • Rainfall Data
  • Floodplain Data
  • Hydrologic & Hydraulic Models
  • Pipe Capacity Calculators
  • GIS Tools for Stormwater Management
  • Water Quality Tools

The main objective of this table was to provide, a collection of resources available to assist engineers in determining which tool and/or software is appropriate to meet their needs.  It is the committee’s intention to update the table as new technologies become available.  We hope the members will find the table useful and will assist in the expansion and updates of it.  If you have any comments, additional tools, or suggestions, please contact Shauna Urlacher at surlacher@smithlasalle.com.




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