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The Legislative Chair is responsible for monitoring legislation introduced at the state and national level and providing summaries of relevant legislation at the Board Meetings.  The Legislative Chair shall help compose letters to our state and congressional representatives to communicate the IAFSM positions on relevant topics.


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The Legislative Committee of IAFSM is providing the following Stormwater Management proposed Illinois legislation for your information and possible action.

The stormwater utility bill HB1522 for DuPage and Peoria counties is now on the Governor’s desk for signature and the bill sponsors are asking supportive IAFSM members to call to the Governor’s office to request that he sign the bill.  The bill only covers DuPage and Peoria counties at the request of the counties.  The bill has bi-partisan sponsors.   

Gov’s phone numbers are:  217-782-0244 in Springfield and 312-814-2121 in Chicago. 


House Sponsors
Rep. Mike Fortner - Al Riley - Ron Sandack - Darlene J. Senger - Barbara Flynn Currie

Senate Sponsors
(Sen. David Koehler - Linda Holmes)

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Sent to the Governor

Statutes Amended In Order of Appearance

55 ILCS 5/5-1062.3 new

Synopsis As Introduced
Amends the Counties Code. Provides that DuPage and Peoria counties may adopt a schedule of fees applicable to real property that benefits from the county's stormwater management facilities and activities. Sets forth the circumstances under which a fee schedule may be adopted and the uses for the fees. Provides that any proposed fee schedule must be approved by a referendum in Peoria County before it can be imposed. Provides that the county shall provide notice to municipalities within its jurisdiction of any fees proposed and seek the input of each municipality with respect to the calculation of the fees. Provides that the county shall give land owners at least 2 years' notice before imposing the fee, during which time the county shall provide education on green infrastructure practices and an opportunity to take action to reduce or eliminate the fee. Further provides that a fee waiver shall be included for property owners who have taken actions or put in place facilities that are approved by the county that reduce or eliminate the cost of managing runoff. Provides that the county may enter into intergovernmental agreements with other bodies of government for the joint administration of stormwater management and collection of the fees. Effective immediately.

House Committee Amendment No. 1
Deletes a reference to "impact" tax.


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    IAFSM opposes Senate Bill 2556

    NOTE: This bill has been approved and went effective 7/29/2010.

    Several state legislators in Illinois are seeking to reduce the State’s protection standards for critical facilities.  To avoid this dangerous path, IAFSM is encouraging our members and floodplain managers to take two steps:

    1. Contact your own State Legislator.  Let them know how you feel about protecting vulnerable populations and hazardous waste facilities.  Feel free to send them the letter signed by our IAFSM Board Chair, which can be accessed here.

    2. Make sure your local floodplain ordinance includes a definition of critical facilities and the proper regulatory language to ensure critical facilities in your own community are not placed in harm’s way. 

    The Illinois Sierra Club Floodplain Task Force finds floodplain bill "mind-boggling".  Read their Letter to the Editor of the St. Clair Record here.

    Find your legislators using this legislator look up tool.






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